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Quantitative adjectives: Definition, types, list & examples

A Quantitative adjective is a helpful word for communicating the information and info concerning the object of a sentence in different categories. We can likewise mention the quantitative adjectives made use of to show a number or quantity of any kind of things. Often a numeral adjective is also called a quantitative adjective though it defines the numbers.

The quantitative kind of adjective relates to the inquiry declaration category like “how much or how many”. This adjective is usually made use of to suggest the amount or quantity important, living belongs, or non-living beings that are mentioned in a sentence referred to as the noun or a pronoun, respectively. It does not matter whether the dimension of the substance is exact or not, specifically.

Little , more, extra, much, few, small, tall, thirty, fifty, etc, are some examples of quantitative adjectives.

  • We have actually obtained a little cash after winning the tournament.
  • I have obtained a little young puppy from the street.
  • I’m welcoming our Chief Guest to state a few words.
  • Neither of them performs well in a solo dance on the stage.
  • Each of them has to send their thorough details for protection purposes.
  • Neither of them has actually submitted their original documents to the workplace.
  • Not all be worthy of a 2nd chance.

Different types of Quantitative Adjective

Quantitative Adjectives are identifies right into 3 different types. Those are,

  • Definite Numerical Adjectives
  • Indefinite Numerical Adjectives
  • Distributive Numerical Adjectives

Definite Numerical Adjectives

These adjectives are used to define the quantities in specific numbers. Below, two different kind of numbers such as cardinal or ordinal numbers are utilized.

Cardinal NumberOrdinal Number
One (1) First (1st)
Two (2)Second (2nd)
Three (3)Third (3rd)
Four (4)Fourth (4th)
Five (5)Fifth (5th)

So, from the above table, it is clear that we can utilize it to describe amounts in both types of numbers.

Examples Sentences

  • Numan has actually raised 70 kgs of rice bag with ease.
  • He has been standing below for three hours.
  • Rajin is having four on the internet classes each day.
  • The athelete has actually won five gold medals in his entire life.
  • I am having 17 years experience of driving a vehicle.

Indefinite Numerical Adjectives

These adjectives doesn’t represent the exact numbers however shows approximate presumptions. It is quite opposite to Definite Numerical Adjectives.

Examples Sentences

  • You need to review a number of books to fracture the test.
  • The group requires more practise to win the forthcoming match.
  • Asif invested his whole income to acquire a new phone.
  • Most of the people don’t have appropriate monetary education.
  • She likes to visit her grandma’s residence most of the moment.

Distributive Numerical Adjectives

Distributive Numerical Adjectives includes each, either, every, neither.

Examples Sentences

  • The teacher informed every trainee to send their jobs by today.
  • Either you research this or I will teach you.
  • Each of them shared their own experiences about their previous life.
  • Neither of the two outfits fits me.

List of Quantitative Adjective

  • All
  • Any
  • A little
  • Couple
  • A little of
  • Each
  • Either
  • Neither
  • Double
  • Abundant
  • Enough
  • Empty
  • Full
  • Few
  • Every
  • Hundred
  • Hundreds
  • Huge
  • Heavy
  • Little
  • Lots of
  • Most
  • Much
  • No
  • Several
  • Light
  • Significant
  • Some
  • Too
  • Whole
  • Numerous
  • So few
  • Sufficient…..etc.

Examples of Quantitative Adjective

  • He has 70 cows.
  • I have been standing right here for four hours.
  • Four women were removed from the college.
  • The very first boy stopped working in the last examination.
  • Not a solitary child remains in the classroom.
  • The Second World War still haunts some individuals.
  • There are 90 children as well as 26 women on this trip.
  • The forest has 2120 animals.
  • The 4th young boy came to be initially in the last exam.
  • He is doing it for 66th times currently.
  • He consumed half of my hamburger.
  • Five girls jumped from the bridge trying their legs with a rope.
  • Rogy has lots of pens in his huge bag.
  • Humayoun finished the entire task.
  • She is trying to hold the pen for the second time.
  • Little water is needed to make that pastry.
  • I do not have any type of delicious chocolates in my bag.
  • I have sufficient cash for buying.
  • Lots of people are poor in this world.
  • A Couple of individuals are abundant and also they hold most of the riches.

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