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Interrogative pronoun: Definition, Example & Exercises

The pronoun that is used to ask a question or something is called Interrogative pronoun. Interrogative pronouns usually sit at the beginning of an interrogative sentence or clause. Such as – What, who, which, whom, whose etc.

What do you want?

Whom did you meet meet yesterday?

Whose is this pencil?

Who did the work?

Which is your sister?

What, who, which, whom and whose these pronouns are used to ask questions, so they are called interrogative pronouns.

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Uses of interrogative pronoun

  1. Who: Used indefinitely in singular and plural for person only. Such as – Who is knocking at the door?
  2. What: Used in Singular and plural numbers only for objects. Such as – What do you want?
  3. Which: Which is used in singular and plural numbers for persons, objects and vile creatures. Such as- Which is the school?

Definition, Example & Exercises

  1. Whom did you meet meet yesterday?
  2. What does she want?
  3. Whose is this book?
  4. Whom did you meet yesterday?
  5. Who is calling me?
  6. What is your name?
  7. Whose pencil did you borrow?
  8. Who has broken the cup?
  9. What does he do in the room?
  10. Who opened the door?
  11. Which of the books did you buy?
  12. Who will help you?
  13. Whom did you see on the road?
  14. Who has broken the plat?
  15. Whom is he teaching English?
  16. What is wanted by you?
  17. Whom are they calling?
  18. Who is helping her?
  19. Who will drive the car?
  20. Whose are these?
  21. Whom / who does he live with?
  22. Who took the money?

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