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20 examples of verbs in sentences

20 examples of verbs in sentences

Verbs play an important role in English sentences so the verbs is called the soul of the sentence. There is no sentence in English without this verb. We cannot express our attitude if it is not in the sentence. Let’s not know about the verb then. Today’s article is about 20 examples of verbs in sentences.

20 examples of verbs

A verb is a word that means to do something or to be or to be something. E.g. – Eat, play, run, work, read, swim, rise, say, fly etc.

In a word, the subject that works is the verb.


Yefad goes to University regularly. [Here’s what to do]
I have many books. [Implies having something here]
Mina sings a song. [Here also means to do something]
They are doctors. [Implies something happens here]

In the above sentences go, sing, have, are means to do something. So these words are verbs.

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How many types of verbs and what are they?

There are two main types of verbs:

  1. Finite Verb
  2. Non-finite verb

Finite Verb Again 2 types.

  1. Principle verb
  2. Auxiliary verb

Principle verb is again of 2 types. E.g.

  1. Transitive
  2. Intransitive

Auxiliary verb 2 types.

  1. Primary
  2. Modals

Non-finite verb 3 types.

  1. Infinitive
  2. Participle
  3. Gerund

Participle 3 types.

  1. Present participle
  2. Past participle
  3. Perfect participle

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20 examples of verbs in sentences

Here we’ll show 20 examples of verbs in sentences. So Please read it carefully.

  1. Yefad plays cricket.
  2. Numan has done the work.
  3. She has been sleeping for two hours.
  4. They will be playing.
  5. I saw him.
  6. I had been reading before he came.
  7. He will be reading the book.
  8. They will have finished the work by july.
  9. I shall have been reading the book for three hours.
  10. I was born in Nakla.
  11. I found a clue to the mystery.
  12. Humayoun has a panjabi.
  13. The flower is very beautiful.
  14. Nazrul was a great poet.
  15. He reads the Ittefaq daily.
  16. Man is mortal.
  17. You have enemy.
  18. What happened there?
  19. What did he inform you?
  20. Where do you live in Sherpur?
  21. Why don’t the students vacant the hall?
  22. Why is the work done?

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