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20 examples of possessive pronouns in sentences

Today we are going to learn about possessive pronouns. Some possessive pronouns examples will also be listed here. So let’s go.

Pronouns that are usually used instead of possessive adjectives  (e.g. my, our, their, his, her, its etc)  to denote ownership or rights are called possessive pronouns.

20 examples of possessive pronouns

That is, a pronoun that implies the rights of a person, object or animal is called a Possessive Pronoun. For example: my, our, your, their, Yours, its, his, her, hers etc.


This is my book. >> This is mine. Here mine is sitting instead of my book.

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Possessive pronouns in English

☑️ My ➡️ Mine
☑️ Your ➡️ Yours
☑️ Her ➡️ Hers
☑️ His ➡️ His
☑️ Its ➡️ Possessive pronoun does not exist.
☑️ Our ➡️Ours
☑️ Your  ➡️ Yours
☑️ Their ➡️ Theirs

20 examples of possessive pronouns

Here we’ll provide 20 examples of possessive pronouns:

  1. Yefad is a friend of mine from class 5.
  2. This is my cat.
  3. My laptop is broken. Can I borrow your’s.
  4. She is a neighbour of hers.
  5. Their teacher is young, ours is old.
  6. Asif’s dress is old but his is new.
  7. My room is cleaner than yours.
  8. The babys are yours and mine.
  9. The goat is yours.
  10. I didn’t have my book so Keya lent me hers.
  11. His motorcycle is faster than mine.
  12. Can you lend me your pencil?
  13. Are this your plat? No, it’s her.
  14. Whose pen had lost yesterday.
  15. This bird is so big for its cage.
  16. This ball is not ours.
  17. She has many chocolates in her purse.
  18. I like your writing. Do you like mine?
  19. This is my bag.
  20. This room is hers.

These are the possessive pronouns examples.

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I think the above examples will help you to gain knowledge about possessive pronouns. You can also read this article about noun:Types of nouns : Definition with examples

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