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20 Examples of Personal Pronouns in a sentence

There are different types of pronouns in English. These are used instead of nouns. Similarly, a type of pronoun is a personal pronoun. The following is a discussion of personal pronouns and their examples.

20 Examples of  Personal Pronouns

What is personal pronoun?

The pronoun that is usually used instead of person is called personal pronoun.It is also called masculine pronoun.The personal pronouns are – I, we, he, she, it, they, them,me, him,her,us etc.


Asif has always loved mathematics. Asif announced that Asif wants to study mathematics at Dhaka University.

Convert the above paragraph to personal pronoun.

Asif has always loved mathematics. He announced that he wants to study mathematics at Dhaka University.

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Categorizing of personal pronoun 

Personal pronouns can be divided into two categories based on numbers. These are –

  1. Singular 
  2. Plural 

They can be further divided into 3 parts.There are – 

  1. First person 
  2. Second person 
  3. Third person
Personal pronoun Singular Plural
First person I, meWe, us
Second person YouYou
Third personShe, her, he, him, it, they, them They, them

Ok now let’s go to the examples. Here I’ll try to use 20 Examples of Personal Pronouns which are very easy to understand and memorize.

20 Examples of Personal Pronouns

  1. He plays cricket in our academy.
  2. They are playing football. 
  3. She is working with a international company. 
  4. We have to be thankful for these reason. 
  5. He left his meeting. 
  6. Many apples are there in his bag. 
  7. His father is not a thief.
  8. We do not have a television at this time.
  9. He has done it successfully. 
  10. You are supposed to join teams. 
  11. I love mangoes. I eat them everyday. 
  12. Who is that person? I do not know her.
  13. I have a new motorcycle. It is black. 
  14. I love to play with my favourite pets.
  15. He is going to United States for higher studies. 
  16. My mother works in a hospital. She is a nurse.
  17. She went to University without having breakfast. 
  18. They love milk. They drink it everyday. 
  19. They live together in Australia. 
  20. We saw Razin. Razin saw us. 

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I’m finishing here today. If you like reading this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Thanks.

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