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12 Months of the year

In today’s article we will know the name of the English month . There are many who know the name of Bengali 12 months but do not know the name of English 12 months .

If you do not know the name of the English month then there is no problem. Because from today’s article we will know the name of English month in English and Bengali . From where you can know the pronunciation of the name of the month.

Name of the English month

Like Bengali, English has twelve months. Because 12 months is a year. That is why twelve months have been named differently in English. The names of the English months were shot

12 Months of the Year

Sr no.Months NameShort-formNo.of days
2.FebruaryFeb.28, 29 (leap)

Example sentences in which months are made use of

  • Rony mosted likely to Canada by the end of this January.
  • The month of February has a less variety of days as contrasted to others.
  • Every year, the annual closing day for all accounts in each field is constantly held in March.
  • The football season is from September to April.
  • Stephen’s college is mosting likely to finish in May this year.
  • There are no vacations as well as festivals in the month of June.
  • We are intending to celebrate a get-together celebration in the first week of July.
  • Joseph’s better half came on the month of August in 2014.
  • Elderly trainees are mosting likely to set up the teachers’ day feature in September this year.
  • The World Cup event of Fifa Soccer is mosting likely to begin in October.
  • November month has always been a really lucky month due to the fact that we accomplished a great deal of happiness in this month.
  • The last day of December month has constantly been celebrated everywhere as it is likewise the last day of the whole year.


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