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100 English sentences used in daily life

In everyday life, almost everyone uses English words or sentences. There are several English sentences for daily use. So read the whole article to use English sentences in daily life.

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100 English sentences used in daily life

Do you want to speak English fast? Then start learning short English sentences from today without delay. So today I will write about some selected English sentences which if you learn you can speak English quickly. These will come in handy easily. If you learn these, you will be able to speak English easily. So don’t be late, don’t know about 100 English sentences used in daily life.

  1. I have decided to change myself.
  2. I am trying to learn English.
  3. I need to do the work.
  4. There is something wrong with my mobile.
  5. I am trying to clean my room.
  6. I have heard that he is very talented.
  7. Can you give me your address?
  8. It’s ok.
  9. I am sorry.
  10. I have no idea.
  11. Call me back.
  12. Follow me.
  13. See you.
  14. How to open do you go to doctor for checkup?
  15. No need to believe.
  16. How often do you take physical exercise?
  17. You should have modesty.
  18. I will be able to go.
  19. Thank you.
  20. You are welcome.
  21. Don’t worry.
  22. Shut up.
  23. I can not wait.
  24. Good morning.
  25. Good afternoon.
  26. Good evening.
  27. Good night.
  28. Forgive me.
  29. I love you.
  30. I hate you.
  31. I am sorry.
  32. Thank you very much.
  33. You are most welcome.
  34. Nice to meet you.
  35. I am good.
  36. I am hungry.
  37. I will be able to do the work.
  38. I won’t to able to go.
  39. Won’t you be able to go?
  40. I like the way you talk.
  41. I like the way she writes.
  42. There is no difficulty in cooking.
  43. I don’t like the way he plays.
  44. Would you mind lending me some money?
  45. There is no motorcycle.
  46. Don’t be upset.
  47. He is supported to come to market.
  48. I will have a laptop.
  49. Let’s not do it.
  50. Let’s not see it.
  51. I could walk.
  52. You could do the work.
  53. Could you please tell me the time?
  54. That’s why.
  55. How else.
  56. I am fond of travelling.
  57. I can not resist loving you.
  58. Do you go to University?
  59. Did Numan help the poor?
  60. It is likely to rain.
  61. I am looking forward to going home.
  62. I couldn’t about to tell the truth.
  63. Do you know how to speak in english?
  64. I know how to speak english.
  65. Do you know how to respect others?
  66. I am yet to propose her.
  67. I am having a lot of fun reading this book.
  68. Did you learn English?
  69. Having a lot of fun.
  70. We are having a lot of fun gossiping.
  71. There’s nothing we can arrange.
  72. Moving bus.
  73. Sleeping baby.
  74. Having been elected.
  75. How about going home?.
  76. I feel like reading.
  77. I don’t feel like reading.
  78. I don’t know if he want.
  79. I am used to loving my life.
  80. Never give up.
  81. Don’t be afraid.
  82. Keep going.
  83. Good job.
  84. Stay strong.
  85. Don’t get nervous.
  86. Nothing is impossible.
  87. I am so proud of you.
  88. Believe in yourself.
  89. Do you best.
  90. Don’t worry.
  91. That’s what I am saying.
  92. The man is used to tea.
  93. There should be a school in this village.
  94. I know.
  95. Who are you?
  96. It is five o’clock.
  97. I feel like reading.
  98. It is time to learn.
  99. I would like to thank you.
  100. I like honest person.

In addition to these there are many more English sentences for use in everyday life.

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